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TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer Panel

靶向1385个癌症基因进行基因表达、变异和融合检测研究,可用于多种RNA样本类型,包括血液、骨髓和福尔马林固定石蜡包埋(FFPE)组织。 阅读更多...

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TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer Set A MiniSeq Kit



The TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer panel provides a comprehensive analysis of the cancer transcriptome. It offers:

  • Gene expression information, variant calling, and fusion detection with known and novel gene fusion partners
  • Optimized, low-input protocol for a wide range of sample types including FFPE
  • A comprehensive view of cancer pathways
  • Economical RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) on a desktop sequencer
Highly Sensitive and Economical Targeted Sequencing

The TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer panel enables the quantitative measurement of gene expression as well as the detection of gene fusions with both known and novel gene fusion partners. The panel accommodates as little as 10 ng of total RNA input (or 20 ng from FFPE samples). The focus on a subset of relevant genes enables RNA-Seq with high sensitivity on a benchtop sequencer, allowing cost-effective access to NGS for any lab.

Intuitive Cloud-based Data Analysis

Analysis can be performed using the BaseSpace RNA-Seq Alignment App. This intuitive tool performs fusion calling and variant detection, and provides gene expression profiles, offering a comprehensive solution to cancer researchers.

TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer Sample Datasets

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MiSeq Data

10 ng of human reference RNA (UHR), human reference brain RNA (Brain), cell line RNA (MCF7), and 20 ng of breast tumor FFPE RNA (BT) were prepared using the TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer Panel and sequenced on the MiSeq System. Read mapping and fusion calling were performed using the RNA-Seq Alignment App with STAR aligner on BaseSpace Sequence Hub.

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MiniSeq Data

Human reference RNA (HBRR and UHRR), cell line RNA (MCF7), and breast tumor RNA samples were prepared using the TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer panel, and 8 samples were sequenced on the MiniSeq System at a 2x76bp read length with single indexing. The total yield was 4.2 Gb with 96.8% of bases at or above Q30.

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仪器 推荐的样本数 读长
MiniSeq System Samples per run: mid output: 2-3, high output: 8 (based on 3 million reads per sample) 2 × 75 bp (max recommended)
MiSeq System 8 samples per run with v3 reagents (based on 3 million reads per sample) 2 × 75 bp (max recommended)


TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer TruSight RNA Fusion Panel
内容说明 Pan-cancer panel with 1,385 targeted genes and 21,043 targeted exonic regions. Includes 507 genes involved in cancer gene fusions.
分析时间 2.5天
手动操作时间 11小时
物种类别 人类 人类
特殊的样本类型 低起始量样本, FFPE组织 低起始量样本, FFPE组织
癌症类型 泛癌种 泛癌种
说明 Comprehensive assessment of cancer-related RNA transcripts that enables research on gene fusions, variants, and gene expression changes in multiple cancer types.
起始量 10 ng total RNA, 20 - 100 ng FFPE RNA

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