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AmpliSeq for Illumina Custom Panels

If your genes of interest are not available as ready-to-use panels, consider designing a custom AmpliSeq for Illumina panel. Include just the genes and targets you’re interested in.

Use DesignStudio, a free, web-based assay design tool, to submit your target regions of interest and receive personalized panel content that fits the needs of your study.

Custom Assay Design
Custom Panel Design Demo Graphic
Custom Panel Design in DesignStudio

View a brief walkthrough of the amplicon panel design process.

Whether you start from an AmpliSeq for Illumina Ready-to Use or Community Panel, or by directly adding targets in DesignStudio, we offer multiple customizable design solutions for you.

With the simple user interface, robust algorithms, and dynamic feedback provided by DesignStudio, custom panels can be designed quickly and easily, allowing you to start finding answers sooner.

To start a new custom AmpliSeq for Illumina panel, simply log onto your personalized account. Select a preloaded reference genome and then start adding in your genomic regions of interest.

If you like the content from ready-to-use or community panels, you can directly upload Product Manifest Files into DesignStudio as a starting point for further customization.

Custom DNA panels can be designed for standard DNA or formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue. Up to 3,072 amplicons can be designed per pool, with an overall maximum of 12,288 amplicons for the entire panel.

Custom RNA panels can be designed to measure gene expression for 12 to 1200 targets in a single assay. Targets can be chosen from over 20,000 RefSeq genes.

Support for uploading custom reference genomes for gene designs will be available through DesignStudio later in 2019.

Available Design Options

在领先的测序平台中,边合成边测序(SBS)技术提供了最少的假阳性、最少的假阴性和最少的错误检出。与AmpliSeq for Illumina扩增子化学技术相结合,可实现最简单快速的文库构建。在2.5天的工作流程中加速您从DNA到变异的研究,或者在2天的工作流程中加速您从RNA到基因表达图谱的研究。

Wondering how the various AmpliSeq for Illumina sequencing panels differ? Have questions about which components you’ll need, panel customization and post-sequencing analysis options, or where to go for technical support?

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Illumina Concierge design support can help improve coverage and enable add-on or nonhuman species designs. You can also assess the AmpliSeq for Illumina targeted resequencing solution with your own samples on an Illumina sequencing system before investing. 

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