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TruSeq RNA Exome

为FFPE组织及其他低质量样本的RNA测序提供的可重现且经济的解决方案。只需10 ng的总RNA即可保证精确度。 阅读更多...
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Library Prep

TruSeq® RNA Library Prep for Enrichment (48 Samples)



TruSeq® RNA Enrichment (12 enrichments)


Index Adapters

TruSeq RNA Single Indexes Set A (12 Indexes, 48 Samples)


TruSeq RNA Single Indexes Set B (12 Indexes, 48 Samples)



Illumina Exome Panel – Enrichment Oligos Only



Illumina® Free Adapter Blocking Reagent (12 Reactions)


Illumina® Free Adapter Blocking Reagent (48 Reactions)



TruSeq RNA Exome, previously known as the TruSeq RNA Access Library Prep Kit, converts total RNA into template molecules of known strand origin, followed by sequence-specific capture of coding RNA. This provides a low-cost solution for analyzing human RNA isolated from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues and other low-quality samples.

  • Affordability and focus—Isolating human transcriptome coding regions maximizes discovery power at a fraction of the sequencing depth
  • High-quality data from difficult samples—Optimized for sequencing RNA from degraded samples, including FFPE tissues
  • Samples with limited starting material—Greatly reduced sample input requirements (as little as 10 ng total RNA from fresh or frozen samples or 20 ng total RNA from degraded samples) while maintaining high sensitivity

TruSeq RNA Exome generates RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) libraries from degraded samples that focus on the RNA coding regions. Isolating these high-value content regions to help maximize discovery power, while requiring only a fraction of the read depth of total RNA sequencing. The results are low input requirements, high sample throughput, and cost-effective transcriptome analysis. Reagent volumes supplied are sufficient to support 1- to 4-plex enrichment reactions.

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仪器 推荐的样本数 读长
NextSeq 550 System 5 to 16 samples per run (based on 25 million reads per sample) 2 x 75 bp
HiSeq 2500 System 24-160 samples per run (dual flow cell; based on 25 million reads per sample) 2 x 75 bp
NovaSeq 6000 System Samples per run (dual flow cell): S1: 96, S2: 96, S4: 192 (currently limited by available index combinations) 2 × 100 bp


TruSeq RNA Exome Illumina RNA Prep with Enrichment Illumina Stranded mRNA Prep
作用机制 以编码RNA为靶标的生物素化的捕获探针。不要求RNA带有poly-A尾巴。 连接磁珠的转座酶 PolyA捕获,连接接头和标签
内容说明 捕获编码转录组/RNA外显子组 与Illumina Exome Panel一起使用时可捕获编码转录组 捕获编码转录组(带链信息)
分析时间 约两天 <9小时 6.5小时
多重分析 多达24个单标签、96个组合(CD)双标签 多达384个唯一双标签序列(UDI) 多达384个唯一双标签序列(UDI)
手动操作时间 约11小时 <2小时 <3小时
方法 外显子组测序, mRNA测序 mRNA测序, 靶向RNA测序, 靶向富集 mRNA测序
物种类别 人类 病毒, 人类 牛, 哺乳动物, 大鼠, 小鼠, 人类
特殊的样本类型 低起始量样本, FFPE组织 低起始量样本, 血液, FFPE组织 Not FFPE-Compatible, 低起始量样本
自动化功能 液体处理机器人 液体处理机器人 液体处理机器人
说明 为研究人员提供清晰、全面的编码转录组视图,链信息精确且样本起始量低。 一种可重现且经济的解决方案,可使用多种类型的样本和起始材料来检测和发现目标转录本,包括福尔马林固定石蜡包埋(FFPE)组织和其他低质量样本 简单、经济的编码转录组分析解决方案,可提供精确的链信息
起始量 10 ng新鲜/冷冻样本来源的总RNA,或20 ng FFPE样本来源的总RNA 10 ng新鲜/冷冻样本来源的总RNA,或20 ng FFPE样本来源的总RNA 25-1000 ng标准质量的总RNA
链特异性 链状 非链状 链状

The product previously known as the TruSeq RNA Access Library Prep Kit (Cat. No. RS-301-2001 and RS-301-2002) is now called TruSeq RNA Exome. The product configuration has changed. In the new configuration, major components such as library preparation, index adapters, enrichment reagents, and exome panels can be purchased separately. If you were previously buying Cat. No. RS-301-2001 or Cat. No. RS-301-2002, purchase the following components: TruSeq RNA Library Prep for Enrichment (Cat. No. 20020189), TruSeq RNA Enrichment (Cat. No. 20020490), Exome Panel (Cat. No. 20020183), and one item from the Index Adapters section below.

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Efficient Gene Fusion Discovery
Supporting Data and Figures

TruSeq RNA Exome enables detection of expressed fusion transcripts without the need to design probes specific for the fusion junction. The well-characterized BCR-ABL fusion is detected efficiently in the Universal Human Reference RNA (UHRR) sample at 25 M reads.


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