To provide greater flexibility in ordering single components for library preparation, we are moving to a modular configuration. Our existing TruSeq Nano DNA Library Prep Kits (Cat. No. FC-121-4001, FC-121-4002, and FC-121-4003) will transition to TruSeq DNA Nano (Cat. No. 20015964 for 24 samples and Cat. No. 20015965 for 96 samples) for library preparation. Index adapters will be sold separately as TruSeq DNA Single Indexes (Cat. No. 20015960 for Set A and Cat. No. 20015961 for Set B) and TruSeq DNA CD (combinatorial dual) Indexes (Cat. No. 20015949).

TruSeq DNA Nano

Generate whole-genome sequencing libraries and efficiently interrogate samples with limited available DNA.Read More...
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Library Prep

TruSeq Nano DNA Low Throughput Library Prep Kit (24 samples)


TruSeq Nano DNA High Throughput Library Prep Kit (96 samples)


Index Adapters

TruSeq DNA Single Indexes Set A (12 Indexes, 24 Samples)


TruSeq DNA Single Indexes Set B (12 Indexes, 24 Samples)


TruSeq DNA CD Indexes (96 Indexes, 96 Samples)


IDT for Illumina – TruSeq DNA UD Indexes (24 Indexes, 96 Samples)


IDT for Illumina – TruSeq DNA UD Indexes (96 Indexes, 96 Samples)



Illumina Free Adapter Blocking Reagent (12 reactions)


Illumina Free Adapter Blocking Reagent (48 reactions)


Product Highlights

TruSeq DNA Nano enables efficient interrogation of samples with limited available DNA. Based on mechanical fragmentation–ligation chemistry, this low-input method delivers high coverage quality and reduced bias for virtually any sequencing application.

  • Designed for low sample input
  • High coverage quality
  • Accelerated library prep
Manual preparation of high-quality libraries in less than a day

TruSeq DNA Nano has been streamlined by replacing gel-based size selection with bead-based selection, enabling researchers to prepare high-quality libraries in less than a day. It is optimized for a variety of read lengths, from 2 × 101 bp to 2 × 151 bp.

Use with limited DNA samples

TruSeq DNA Nano offers excellent results with as little as 100 ng input, eliminating the typical requirement for micrograms of DNA. This enables researchers to study samples with limited available DNA (eg, tumor samples) and helps preserve samples for use in future or alternate studies. In addition to accelerating the workflow, bead-based size selection avoids typical sample loss associated with gel-based selection.

Reduce library bias and coverage gaps

TruSeq DNA Nano reduces the number and average size of typical PCR-induced gaps in coverage. The enhanced workflow reduces library bias and improves coverage uniformity across the genome. These kits also provide excellent coverage of traditionally challenging genomic content, including GC-rich regions, promoters, and repetitive regions. This enables researchers to access more information from each sequencing run. Truseq DNA Nano products are validated for high-quality genomic coverage for virtually any next-generation sequencing application.

Access flexible throughput options
  • TruSeq DNA Nano with Single Indexes supports 24-sample manual processing for low-throughput (LT) studies.
  • TruSeq DNA Nano with 96 CD Indexes  supports 96-sample processing for high-throughput (HT) studies, and can be automated on liquid-handling robots (or processed manually).
  • IDT for Illumina Unique Dual (UD) Indexes (24 or 96) offer increased plexity that enables accurate assignment of reads and efficient use of the flow cell.

View a list of automation vendors with robotic systems that support the 96-sample workflow

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仪器 推荐的样本数 读长
NextSeq 550 System 每次运行1个样本(基于30倍的人类基因组覆盖度) 350bp 插入片段: ≤ 2 × 100 bp
550 bp 插入片段: ≤ 2 × 150 bp
HiSeq 2500 System 每次运行2–10个样本(双流动槽;基于30倍的人类基因组覆盖度) 快速运行, 350 bp 插入片段: ≤ 2 × 100 bp
快速运行, 550 bp 插入片段: ≤ 2 × 250 bp
高通量, 350 bp 插入片段: ≤ 2 × 100 bp
高通量, 550 bp 插入片段: ≤ 2 × 125 bp


TruSeq DNA Nano TruSeq DNA PCR-Free Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep Kit
变异种类 插入缺失, 拷贝数变异(CNV), 杂合性缺失(LOH), 染色体异常, 基因融合, 单核苷酸多态性(SNP), 体细胞变异, 生殖系变异, 结构变异 染色体异常, 结构变异, 生殖系变异, 体细胞变异, 杂合性缺失(LOH), 拷贝数变异(CNV), 单核苷酸多态性(SNP), 基因融合 基因融合, 单核苷酸多态性(SNP), 体细胞变异, 拷贝数变异(CNV), 杂合性缺失(LOH), 插入缺失, 染色体异常, 生殖系变异, 结构变异
技术 测序 测序 测序
方法 鸟枪法测序 , 通过测序进行基因分型 , 全基因组测序 鸟枪法测序 , 通过测序进行基因分型 , 全基因组测序 鸟枪法测序 , 全基因组测序 , 扩增子测序 , 从头测序
物种类别 植物, 大鼠, 小鼠, 哺乳动物, 人类, 其他 小鼠, 大鼠, 哺乳动物, 人类, 植物, 其他 人类, 所有物种, 病毒, 酵母, 植物, 大鼠, 细菌, 哺乳动物, 小鼠
系统兼容性 MiniSeq , HiSeq X Ten , HiSeq 4000 , HiSeq 3000 , HiSeq X Five , HiSeq 1500, MiSeq , MiSeq, NextSeq 550 , NextSeq 500 , HiSeq 2000, 研究模式下的MiSeqDx , HiSeq 1000, HiSeq 2500 MiSeq , MiSeq, 研究模式下的MiSeqDx , MiniSeq , NextSeq 550 , HiSeq 2000, HiSeq X Ten , NextSeq 500 , HiSeq 2500 , HiSeq 1000, HiSeq 4000 , HiSeq 3000 , HiSeq X Five , HiSeq 1500 HiSeq X Five , MiniSeq , HiSeq 2500 , NextSeq 550 , MiSeq , MiSeq, HiSeq X Ten , 研究模式下的MiSeqDx , HiSeq 4000 , HiSeq 3000
自动化功能 自动液体处理设备 自动液体处理设备 自动液体处理设备

Method-Specific Workflow Example


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通过BaseSpace Sequence Hub SRA Submission App,可在从文库制备到数据分析的整个过程跟踪样本,帮助BRC-Seq为其客户提供高质量测序数据和其他价值。

Comparison of TruSeq DNA Library Preparation Workflows
Specification TruSeq DNA Nano TruSeq DNA PCR-Free
Kit type TruSeq DNA Nano LT & HT TruSeq DNA PCR-Free LT & HT
Description Based upon widely adopted TruSeq library prep, with lower input and improved data quality Superior genomic coverage with radically reduced library bias and gaps
Workflow LT kits: Manual workflow
HT kits: Automation-friendly; manual protocols also available
LT kits: Manual workflow
HT kits: Automation-friendly; manual protocols also available
Input quantity 100–200 ng
1–2 μg
Includes PCR Yes No
Assay time 5.5 hours ~5 hours
Hands-on time 4 hours ~4 hours
Target insert size 350 bp or 550 bp 350 bp or 550 bp
Gel-free Yes Yes
Number of samples supported 24 (LT) or 96 (HT) samples 24 (LT) or 96 (HT) samples
Size-selection beads Included Included
Applications Whole-genome sequencing applications, including whole-genome resequencing, de novo assembly, and metagenomics studies
Sample multiplexing Up to 24 single, 96 combinatorial (CD) dual, 24 unique dual and 96 unique dual (UD) combinations
Compatible Illumina sequencers MiniSeq, MiSeq, NextSeq, HiSeq, NovaSeq, HiSeq X, HiScanSQ, and Genome Analyzer systems



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