Infinium Omni5Exome-4 Kit

This BeadChip array covers > 4.3 million whole-genome variants down to 1% minor allele frequency (MAF), plus novel functional exonic variants.Read More...

Infinium® Omni5Exome-4 v1.3 Kit (16 samples)


Infinium® Omni5Exome-4 v1.3 Kit (48 samples)


Infinium® Omni5Exome-4 v1.3 Kit (96 samples)


Infinium® Omni5Exome-4 v1.3 Kit (384 samples)



The Infinium Omni5Exome-4 BeadChip array delivers comprehensive coverage of the genome, providing functional exonic content for whole-genome genotyping and copy number variation (CNV) studies. The BeadChips include optimized tag single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) targeting genetic variation down to 1% minor allele frequency (MAF).

Using the proven iScan array scanner and integrated analysis software, these BeadChips offer optimized tag SNPs, exonic content, and fully supported CNV analysis. Combined with convenient packaging and a streamlined PCR-free protocol, these kits provide a comprehensive DNA analysis solution.

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Scanning Population-Based Biobanks to Identify a Rare Gene Variant for Myocardial Infarctions

The HUNT Biobank and Lifandis AS provide access to biological samples and corresponding clinical data from more than 250,000 individuals in the Norwegian population using Illumina off-the-shelf and custom Infinium HumanExome BeadChips.

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The semi-custom Omni5Exome-4+ kits (catalog numbers WG-313-5014, WG-313-5015, WG-313-5016, and WG-313-5017) have been discontinued. Also, the prior non-custom kit versions (WG-313-5010, WG-313-5011, WG-313-5012, and WG-313-5013) have been replaced with the v1.3 catalog numbers shown in the add-to-cart area.


The HumanOmni5Exome-4 BeadChip Kit has been renamed to Infinium Omni5Exome-4 Kit. Kits with either name on the label contain the same quality reagents and follow the same workflow.

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