Infinium Mouse Methylation BeadChip

在整个甲基化组中具有超过285,000个标记,用于对多种小鼠品系进行高分辨率表观遗传学分析。 阅读更多...
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Infinium Mouse Methylation BeadChip Kit (24 samples)


Infinium Mouse Methylation BeadChip Kit (48 samples)


Infinium Mouse Methylation BeadChip Kit (96 samples)



The Infinium Mouse Methylation BeadChip offers a unique combination of comprehensive, expert-selected coverage and high sample throughput. It is ideal for genome-wide DNA methylation studies with a large number of samples.

Comprehensive Coverage Across Gene Regions
  • The BeadChip interrogates > 285k methylation sites per sample at single-nucleotide resolution. It provides balanced coverage of CpG islands, translation start sites, enhancers, imprinted loci, and other regions.
High Assay Reproducibility
  • The Infinium Mouse Methylation BeadChip achieves > 98% reproducibility for technical replicates and shows a high correlation with whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data.
Broad Range of Applications
  • Possible applications include epigenome-wide association studies, xenograft experiments, preclinical research, and more.



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