VeriSeq NIPT Solution

Reagents, instruments, and CE-IVD marked library prep and analysis/reporting software in an automated workflow for in-lab prenatal aneuploidy screening.Read More...

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VeriSeq NIPT Sample Prep Kit(48 samples )


VeriSeq NIPT Sample Prep Kit(96 samples )


Streck cell free DNA BCT CE


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VeriSeq Onsite Server


Product Highlights

The VeriSeq NIPT Solution makes next-generation sequencing accessible to any lab that wants to include noninvasive prenatal testing as part of their lab offering. It generates accurate results for up to 96 samples in ~1 day and offers:

  • High Clinical Accuracy - Automated NIPT solution validated in a clinical accuracy study of 3107 samples with known clinical outcomes
  • Fast turnaround - Simple workflow; accessioned sample to analyzed results in ~ 1 day 
  • Accessible solution - Comprehensive method includes reagents, instruments, installation, software, and training
Increased Efficiency with Paired-End Sequencing

For increased efficiency, the VeriSeq NIPT Solution uses paired-end, whole genome sequencing (WGS). This method provides more useful information for final analysis. Accuracy is maintained while using as little as one-third the read depth of other sequencing assays. In addition, the PCR-free protocol decreases the risks associated with amplification procedures, reduces the time required for sample preparation, and greatly simplifies the workflow.

Automated Solution

Sample preparation for the VeriSeq NIPT Solution is automated on the VeriSeq NIPT Microlab STAR, a Hamilton Microlab STAR system custom configured and optimized for use in the VeriSeq NIPT workflow. Additional information on this instrument can be found on the Hamilton website.

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Intended Use

The VeriSeq NIPT Solution is an in vitro diagnostic test intended for use as a sequencing‐based screening test for the detection of fetal aneuploidies from maternal peripheral whole blood samples in pregnant women of at least 10 weeks gestation. VeriSeq NIPT provides information regarding aneuploidy status for chromosomes: 21, 18, 13, X, and Y. This product must not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or other pregnancy management decisions.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. Not available in all countries or regions.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. Not available in all countries and regions.

Contact an Illumina representative for regional availability.

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