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NextSeq 1000/2000 P1试剂(100个循环)

这一新配置提供100M read和10 Gb数据,非常适用于细胞群和单细胞应用例如RNA-Seq、ATAC-Seq、ChIP-Seq等!

NextSeq 1000/2000 P1试剂(600个循环)

这一新配置提供100M read和60 Gb数据,为免疫组库、鸟枪法宏基因组学等研究提供更长的读长和更多的数据产出。

NextSeq 1000/2000 P2 300M试剂(600个循环)

这一新配置提供300M read和180 Gb数据,为免疫组库、鸟枪法宏基因组学等研究提供更长的读长和更多的数据产出。

P2 Cartridge and Flow Cell image


NextSeq 1000和NextSeq 2000试剂

NextSeq 1000和NextSeq 2000试剂具有100M-1200M的广泛read范围,满足您的需求——无论是P1流动槽上进行的试点项目或较低深度的样本,P2流动槽上覆盖范围中等的研究,还是P3流动槽上实施的每样本成本更低的较高产出项目。



Illumina DNA Prep with Enrichment


BaseSpace Sequence Hub




TruSeq Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep Kit


TruSight RNA Pan-Cancer


TruSeq ChIP Library Prep Kit


Library Preparation

Find library preparation solutions for a broad range of DNA, RNA, and epigenetic sequencing methods. Explore automation options and technical tips.

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Software and Informatics Solutions

Illumina DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform License Now Included

The NextSeq 1000 and NextSeq 2000 Sequencing Systems come equipped with the power of onboard DRAGEN to provide accurate and fast secondary analysis at no additional cost. Seamlessly integrate sequencing and secondary analysis in run setup, simplify the workflow, reduce the turnaround time, and extend the value of the data generated by the NextSeq 1000 and NextSeq 2000.

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BaseSpace Sequence Hub Apps

BaseSpace Sequence Hub offers NGS data analysis apps for common Illumina sequencing methods.

Coronavirus Software

These tools accelerate coronavirus detection and identification, simplify sample tracking, and help scientists contribute to public databases, free of charge.

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter

BaseSpace Variant Interpreter allows scientists to rapidly identify biologically significant variants from human genomic data.

BaseSpace Correlation Engine

BaseSpace Correlation Engine mines over 20,000 genomic studies to get data-driven answers for genes, experiments, drugs and phenotypes for your research.

DesignStudio Custom Assay Designer

DesignStudio is a web-based assay design tool to help researchers design and order custom sequencing probes, or create custom genotyping array assays.

                    Metagenomics Pipeline
Bringing Bioinformatics In-House Reduces Costs and Decreases Turnaround Time

Phosphorus uses the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform to perform genomics data analysis onsite and at an accessible price point.

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Instrument Services & Training

Access a full suite of services designed to maximize performance and productivity. From instrument service plans and training to qualification services and free instrument performance services – we are here to support all of your customer needs.

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Illumina Resources & Tools

This central hub offers education and assistance for your workflow, from start to finish. Learn about our technology, design your project, access selection tools, find software to glean valuable insights from your data, then purchase what you need and get support.

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