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HiSeq SBS Kit v4

Reagents for determining the DNA sequence of each cluster on a flow cell using sequencing by synthesis technology on enabled HiSeq systems. 阅读更多...

HiSeq SBS Kit V4 50 cycle kit


HiSeq SBS Kit V4 250 cycle kit



HiSeq SBS Kit v4 kits contain ready-to-load reagents for accurately determining the DNA sequence of each cluster on a flow cell using sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology on enabled HiSeq sequencing systems* run in high output mode.

HiSeq v4 chemistry allows all reagents to be loaded onto the instrument before beginning the run. To perform a HiSeq v4 run, you need 1 HiSeq SBS Kit v4. Each kit includes sufficient reagents for sequencing 1 flow cell.

*HiSeq Systems require the latest hardware configuration. Check with your local sales rep regarding system compatibility.

Note: This kit is NOT compatible with the Genome Analyzer.

Flexible Run Configurations

You can choose from single-read or paired-end read runs, with read lengths up to 2×125 bp in high output mode. If longer read lengths are desired, rapid run SBS kits enable up to 2×250 bp.

A Broad Range of Applications

These kits enable a wide variety of applications, from ChIP-Seq to whole-genome sequencing, splice variant detection, and more. They enable researchers, in a single run, to process up to:

  • 10 genomes
  • 156 exomes
  • 80 whole-transcriptome RNA samples

This product is also available as an Illumina Advantage (TG) product. Illumina Advantage large-scale sequencing products feature lot-specific shipments and testing, extended shelf life, and advanced change notifications for greater laboratory efficiency.

Assumes 100 Gb per genome at 2x125 bp, 5 Gb per exome at 2x100 bp with TruSeq Exome or TruSeq Rapid Exome kits, and 50 million reads per transcriptome.

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