BaseSpace Clarity LIMS version 6.0 released March 2022.
Version 6.0 includes important security updates. Full list of features can be found in the release notes.

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS是一套实验室信息管理系统,能够帮助基因组学实验室追踪样本并管理工作流程,从而优化实验室,提高效率。

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS does much more than track samples. As the digital backbone of the lab, it actively manages your entire laboratory operations, from sample and data management to people, instruments, and consumables. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS standardizes and automates workflows, saving time and reducing the chance of human errors. It scales with your laboratory ecosystem to accommodate new technologies and workflows. BaseSpace Clarity LIMS:

  • Helps your laboratory reduce time with straightforward implementation, preset protocols for Illumina sample/library prep kits and instruments, and quality control features that flag poor-quality samples
  • Helps support compliance with eSignature, audit trails, reagent and lot tracking, and privacy and security controls
  • Promotes accuracy with automation and built-in business logic and error checking
  • Manages complexity and change with the ability to easily create new fields, protocols, and workflows in the user interface without the need for software coding
  • Enables thorough extension and customization of your laboratory environment through use of the application programming interface (API) to integrate in-house and third-party tools, as well as automate processes and integrate robotics
  • Eases IT burden with quick implementation and rigorous security practices

作为BaseSpace Suite的重要组成部分,BaseSpace Clarity LIMS的功能远不止追踪实验室样本这么简单。BaseSpace Clarity LIMS在支持合规性的同时仍具有灵活性,可适应新技术和新工作流程。该软件可进行扩展并整合至实验室生态系统,还可实现常规任务的自动化。BaseSpace Clarity LIMS可以:

  • 通过电子签名、审计追踪、试剂和批次追踪、保密性和安全性控制支持合规性功能
  • 通过简单的部署、预设的Illumina样本/文库制备试剂盒和仪器实验方案,以及对质量不佳的样本进行标记的质量控制功能,帮助实验室缩短用时
  • 通过自动化以及内置的业务逻辑和错误检查功能提升准确性
  • 能管理复杂性和变化,可以在必要时在用户界面中创建新的工作流程
  • 可进行扩展以适应不同级产品级别下样本量的增加
  • 无需额外的升级费用、部署速度快并具有严格的安保措施,因此可减轻IT部门的负担
  • 通过使用应用程序接口(API),可对实验室环境进行全面的扩展和自定义

BaseSpace Clarity LIMS提供从接收到获得分析结果的全面样本追踪、综合的实验室运营报告以及人工可读的审计追踪。


BaseSpace Clarity LIMS使您能够按照实验方案轻松构建全新工作流程。并且,使用不同版本或综合性的应用程序接口(API)均可对LIMS进行扩展,以适应不断增加的样本量或新仪器。


BaseSpace Clarity LIMS能利用预设实验方案和即装即用的仪器整合系统帮助您快速开始生产。所有预设实验方案包括样本和试剂计算、自动转换以及样本放置,支持许多常见的基因组学应用,包括全基因组测序(WGS)。

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