TruSeq Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep Kit

This kit combines next-generation sequencing with epigenetic insights to accelerate biomarker discovery and understand methylation’s role in gene regulation.Read More...

TruSeq-Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep Kit (12 samples, 4 indexes)


TruSeq-Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep Kit (48 samples, 12 indexes)


Product Highlights

Targeted methylation sequencing (Methyl-Seq) offers a balanced, cost-effective choice between whole-genome bisulfite sequencing and methylation arrays that can support both screening and biomarker discovery study objectives.1 TruSeq Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep supports researchers seeking a deeper understanding of the role of methylation in gene regulation.

Comprehensive methylation-site content: Offers significantly higher coverage of emerging epigenetic regions of interest compared to other Methyl-Seq kits currently on the market (See Supporting Data section, Epigenetic Regions Covered).

Maximize discovery power, minimize cost: Efficiently query differentially methylated bases to conserve research dollars.

Convenient kit configuration: Includes bisulfite conversion, library prep, target enrichment, and purification reagents in a single kit for hassle-free ordering.

User-friendly data analysis: Analyze sequence data in BaseSpace Sequence Hub with methylation apps designed for biologists.

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仪器 推荐的样本数 读长
NextSeq 550 System 每次运行8个样本(高通量;基于40倍平均覆盖度和90%以上的目标碱基覆盖度≥10倍) 2 x 100 bp (最大推荐值)
NovaSeq 6000 System 每次运行的样本(双流动槽):S1:48,S2:48,S4:96(受可用标签组合的限制;基于>5500万条read) 2 × 100 bp (最大推荐值)
HiSeq 2500 System 每次运行的样本:快速运行:8–12,高通量v4:64(基于40倍平均覆盖度和90%以上的目标碱基覆盖度≥10倍) 2 × 100 bp (最大推荐值)
HiSeq 3000 System 每次运行48个样本(高通量;基于40倍平均覆盖度和90%以上的目标碱基覆盖度≥10倍) 2 × 100 bp (最大推荐值)
HiSeq 4000 System 每次运行96个样本(高通量;基于40倍平均覆盖度和90%以上的目标碱基覆盖度≥10倍) 2 × 100 bp (最大推荐值)


TruSeq Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep Kit Infinium MethylationEPIC Kit
变异种类 差异甲基化胞嘧啶 差异甲基化胞嘧啶
技术 测序 微阵列芯片
核酸类型 DNA DNA
物种类别 人类 人类
系统兼容性 NextSeq 500 , HiSeq 2500 , NextSeq 550 , HiSeq 3000 , HiSeq 4000 iScan
起始量 500 ng人类基因组DNA 250 ng DNA

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This kit requires a PCR enzyme kit such as the Kapa Hifi Uracil+ (Cat No. KK2801), available separately.

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